We have a few sponsoring agreements with the following companies. Although the decision to sponsor us might be invoked by the fact that we’re maiking an effort for Masaka, a project by Terre des Hommes, this sponsorship is solely for the benefit of our journey and is completely separate from the money collected for Masaka (and vise versa)

Santos - Custombuilt bicycles

Santos-Bikes - together with Santos we have composed two magnificent bikes, that you will see very often on our pictures.

Landschap travelling books - have helped us with purchasing ALL our maps for the entire journey.

Vevida Internet Service Provider

Vevida - is our hosting provider. Vevida have donated extra webspace, so we have a place where to host our photos.

Santos - Custombuilt bicycles

Through Guido, an ex-colleague of both Wiesje and Robert at Tour de Ville bike-messengers, we got in contact with Santos. Santos is a growing company that builds custom quality-bikes. Santos got our attention because they also made good ’world’-bicycles. We wondered wether they wanted to profile themselves more in this market, and we turned out to be lucky!

In exchange for a.o. some publicity we have been able to get a good deal on two ’Travelmasters’. We have composed these bikes part-by-part with the advice of Coen (of Santos).

go to the Santos website (opens in a new window)

Landschap travelling books

Landschap is a small, friendly but complete store that sells travelling book at the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Landschap has large variety of maps and you’re also at the right address for travelling stories, small language books and guides.

go to the Landschap website (opens in a new window)


Since the first commercial website I (Robert) made, I have been hosting smaller sites at Vevida. My impression of Vevida is that they offer a very professional service for an affordable price. At Vevida you get real human service, should you ever need it. This website also is hosted at Vevida

go to the Vevida website (opens in a new window)